Spin Tower

Visit a magical spectacle and Indian prairies world, take a trip overseas and vanquish the legendary monsters: all theese adventures are awaiting for you in the one place - the Spin Tower!


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Spin Tower

Front-end development, Art direction, Concept, UI, 2D, 3D art and animations, Sounds, Management, QA

When playing, user navigates through the endless Tower and meets the new world with a unique slot, a set of interactions and a mini-game on each floor.

This gaming interface for social online Spin Tower casino was developed for Social Thrills.
Our team was deeply integrated into client’s structure and collaborated closely during all the development process.

The main challenges were:
- to develop competitive product description and concept
- to create visually appealing and brand design, corresponding to the product
- to produce technical specification based on high level client’s vision
- to develop high performing gaming interface giving a user the best gaming experience
- to follow and adapt the style of the floors, characters and interactions to the corresponding slot games, developed by other 3rd party studio.

The next services were provided:
• Front-end development and testing
• Art direction and management
• Concept, UI, 2D, 3D art and animations
• Sounds
• Static promotional materials and promotional trailer