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STHLM Gaming meets Yarki Studio team


Communication is one of the cornerstones in the world of art outsource and game development. From a communication perspective, every project is a constant interchange of information. That is why we are always excited, when our clients visit our studio, meet Yarki team and we all communicate and get to know each other. Meetings like that usually drive a lot of value to both sides and lead to a better understanding between them.

STHLM Gaming is a Swedish company that was established in 2016. The number of their games is growing every year and Yarki Studio is happy to be art and part of most of them.

The two-day visit of STHLM Gaming was very productive and covered a lot of aspects.

Our guests made a detailed self-presentation of their company, shared some of their operating procedures and gave feedbacks on the projects we completed and currently work on together. The presentation was very useful for the team members who were involved in STHLM Gaming projects, as it was a perfect chance to reflect back on the work done and results achieved. It’s always beneficial to identify and discuss all the aspects of each project, looking at best practices to adopt and potential drawbacks to address.

We are delighted to have STHLM Gaming as clients and look forward for more years of working relationship and more successful projects together.