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Yarki Kids

Purple Pin Competition

Yarki Studio announces a contest for script writers.
We offer an amazing opportunity to become one of our Purple Pin script writers.
Write your best story and compete with other contestants for the prize and it may result in further collaboration with our studio!

The conditions for participation are the following:
 – write a synopsis and a treatment for one episode (1 to 3 pages);
 – all the events happen on the same day;
 – duration of the episode is 6 minutes;
 – non-dialogue (but the characters can use speech bubbles with pictures and animations);
 – at least three characters must be involved;
 – mind the quality of humor, as this cartoon is for children from 3 to 5 years old.

To learn more about The Purple Pin please see the slides below.

Завантажити українську версію презентації


Own IP of Yarki Studio

Purple Pin (South Farm before) is a series about the life of the little Penguin on a large and noisy farm, the calm and habitual rhythm of which he constantly breaks.The events of the series portray in metaphoric form the life of the family in which the child appeared.
The main character Penguin is a child who explores the world and builds cooperation with others. The surrounding animals are the representatives of the external world which the child encounters on the way of growing up.