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Weekly sketching sessions at Yarki Studio


Yarki Studio had a dream – to establish a good tradition that we could call our own.
A tradition that would feed our creative spirit on a regular basis.
We couldn’t think of anything for a while, until one of our artists just said: “Let’s go sketch each other. This will be fun”. And it really was.

Like all great ideas, it is very simple – our artists draw each other in five minutes. We choose a special theme for each session, like sketching a person in motion, making stylized portraits, drawing jestures, emotions, etc.
At the end of every sketching session we put all the drawings on the floor, share opinions, and have a good laugh. Afterwards, the best works go on the wall.

Here at Yarki Studio we continually enhance our development and creative growth through variety of trainings, masterclasses and seminars.
And creating artistic development classes in our studio was a brilliant and timely decision.
We made this event weekly, our Wednesday special. It keeps our team inspired, curious and always learning.

The plan for summer is heading towards a bigger version of our own Drink and Draw, trying different locations, inviting our friends and other artists to share the joy of quick sketching at Yarki Studio.


The plan for summer is heading towards our own Drink and Draw.