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Purple Pin competition: meeting the contestants


January 16, 2019 marked the beginning of Purple Pin competition – a contest for script writers organized by Yarki Studio. The idea of the competition was simple: write your best story about the Penguin and compete with other contestants for the prize.
It started with a kick-off meeting hosted at Yarki Studio office in Kyiv and brought together the writers of different professional levels – both beginners and skilled specialists. They introduced themselves and shared their background.
Roman Kepkalo, the Art Director at Yarki Studio, took the floor and made a presentation of Purple Pin, its story and concept.
Visually appealing and packed with great messages, Purple Pin is a fun animation series about the life of a little Penguin on a farm. Pin is a child who explores the world and builds cooperation with others. The target audience of the cartoon is 3-5-year-old children, which requires a special approach from the script writers, as well as their understanding of preschoolers’ interests and way of thinking. It is important to provide young children with educational content to inspire their own creativity, but not overload it with morals. One should also mind that sarcasm or mordant humor must be avoided.
Roman went through all the cartoon characters, describing them and their role in the farm.
It brought up lively discussions and debates followed by fresh ideas. The contestants shared their opinions, asked knotty questions and made suggestions.
The overall tone of the meeting, so positive and constructive, inspired us for more similar gatherings and events.
The winner of the competition will be announced on February 18, 2019.