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Work with us if you need experienced team in:
huge set of tools for 3D animations - 3D Studio Max, Maya, composing using NUKE & NUKEX;
Flash, Spine and After Effect - our main tools for creation of 2D and sequence png animations.

"Promo movie for Thrill Tower"

During two months have been working on creation of promo-movie for online casino system. This work included the following tasks:
storyboards creation
concept of environment and all content
3D modeling and full animation setup
sound composing

You can watch the movie here.

"Animations for QuickSpin"

As a part of Beowulf project our team was working on creation of 3D animations for Beowulf and Dragon characters. Feel free to read more about this project on Beowulf page.

You can watch samples of the animations in the QuickSpin promo movie for Beowulf video slot.