Incredible Water

Water is the most incredible thing on Earth! Seriously! We are not joking!

Want to grow a giant tree from a tiny seed – water can help you with that.
Strong and hard stone can be easily destroyed by few frozen drops.
First trains – this metal giants were easily forced to movement by water steam.
Need electricity? Just ask river power station for that.
Do not worry about fire in a paper basket - just one cup of water can solve a problem!
Need fire in sunny day? Water lens can help you even with that.

Meet water everywhere: in your kitchen, garden, on the street, inside chemical lab, in the amusement parks and even in space engines!  

Incredible Water will open for you a lot of fascinating facts about water and its abilities. Playing for a small and cheerful drop you will explore all variety of power and possibilities that water can give in our diverse and colorful world

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Incredible Water

Physical puzzle game for kids.

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