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Mind dragler puzzle
The Last Spirit

Welcome our new game – a beautifully drawn mind dragler puzzle with a strategic twist. The game has an intriguing storyline and numerous tricky levels.

Join The Last Spirit community on Facebook. If you give your Like to the Spirit, he'll have more power to confront and win Mechaniculas!

Feel free to visit Last Spirit's personal page at www.lastspirit.yarkistudio.com.

Ironic match-3 card
battler game
My Kingdom's Fall

Card battler game being done in partnership with EJaw team for mobile platforms.

Feel free to visit My Kingdom's Fall page.

Physical puzzle
game, iOS/Android
Incredible Water

Mobile physical game for kids about tiny water drop who explores the world and helps players learn about incredible nature of water. Cute animated characters and tricky levels made the first user testers fall in love with the game.

Have adventure together with tiny droplet, become friends with him, explore beautiful world and beware of the surprises that might come on your way.

Interactive animated
storybook, iOS/Android
Beaver and Friends

We’ve combined a cartoon and a book in a single application! You can listen to the story and watch the illustrations, and also play with the characters. Although this playbook was created for 3 to 7-year-olds, we do hope it’s interesting and captivating for their parents as well!

We like alive and vivid characters who are free to run, jump and run through the pages even. That’s why in this book you could see more than 100 unique animations and live around 80 minutes of a game-play.

Avalible on Google Play

Soon to be released on AppStore.

Interactive animated
storybook, iOS/Android

South Farm

This project is our big present for all children. Animated movie about little penguin in big world.